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Profitable Developments is a Property Development Business specializing in the acquisition of Financially Distressed Properties, the short and long term rental of
properties and the development of Commercial Property upon land which was sold due to Financial Distress. On top of this, the Company intends to build a substantial land bank throughout 2013 – 2014. The Company continues to develop its own Software Solution that it uses to identify, acquire and manage its property portfolio. The Software, unique to Profitable Developments, is in early development stage but will give the company a distinct advantage over its competitors in this increasingly aggressive space.

Our Mission

Our goal is to leverage the capital raised through public and private investment vehicles to build a viable and stable company with a multi-million dollar valuation. Both through growing revenues as well as a strong asset book, we aim to significantly build on and improve shareholder value over the next 3 – 5 years.

We strongly believe that 2013 thru 2016 is the time to start to really build a property portfolio as the economies of the Western World bottom out. Certainly, we are seeing land and property available now at pre-2005 prices in some cases and, when acquiring at those prices, we see a successful future for the company.

Profitable Developments strives to be a responsible and ethical property developer, landlord and buying party. If a deal isn’t good for all parties, the deal doesn’t get done.

Current Projects that we are involved in…

-Florida – Coral Cove

-Belize – Corozal Town

Social Housing Schemes in our Portfolio, or soon to be…


Detroit is the largest city in the State of Michigan and one of the most important cities for research and development in manufacture in the US, attracting over half a million high tech workers (the fourth highest figure in the US) including 70,000 in the automobile industry.

However, despite the continued government investment in the city’s economy and infrastructure, a shift in urban sprawl to the suburbs and the subsequent housing crash has left the metro Detroit area seriously lacking in affordable housing.

The Detroit property market is now fighting back with the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development scheme (HUD), better known as Section 8, President Barack Obama has himself pledged to support the regeneration of Detroit in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009.

Property investors can benefit from an ethical investment that recycles houses, turning foreclosed and uninhabitable properties back into homes for the employed, low-income sector. And with a waiting list of over 9,000 people hoping to be one of the lucky ones to live in one of the newly desirable homes, there certainly is mass demand and high rental yields.


The US residential real estate market is in a current state of dysfunction creating ideal opportunities for the buy-to-let investor.

The steady stream of foreclosures (repossessions) coupled with the lack of mortgage or loan facilities for potential home buyers has contributed to driving property values below what may well to be considered “ rational”.

This lack of affordability has resulted in current prices in some cases, up to 60-70% below peak pricing achieved in 2006 and increasing demands on the private rental sector to supply good quality housing.

There is an unprecedented window of opportunity for cash-rich buy-to-let investors to achieve highyielding returns and enjoy immediate solid additional income streams and potential future capital growth as markets recover.

Other Property Related Investments

Property Bond

Regulated by the Financial Services Association, the financial watchdog in the United Kingdom, the Property Bond that Profitable Developments makes investments in, is as secure as it gets.

Offering a 14% yield, with a 3 – 5 year period and with incremental investments required of only $15,000, this is an ideal property investment for The Company to throw into the mix.

Starting late 2013, Profitable Developments has agreed to invest an undisclosed sum for a 3 year period and has agreed 6 monthly payouts on this 14% yield Bond.




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