ChitrChatr Communications, Inc. – CHICF


ChitrChatr – the Ultimate Communications Platform gives you Audio, Video, Conference calls, Multi protocol Chat services, Social Network Messaging, Texting/SMS, Internet Fax Services, and Email all rolled into one free messaging application.

Get to know ChitrChatr!

ChitrChatr is a free messaging application you can download on your mobile or desktop that simplifies your life— a multi-tasking free messaging app that connects your other free voice and video messaging services together in one into one place.

ChitrChatr Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) is a socially oriented internet based communication service that can be used by clients anywhere in the world to communicate with anyone in the world.

Access via a browser and optionally install on their desktop, tablet pc, smart phone and on a dedicated hardware device(s), ChitrChatr allows subscribers to obtain one or more numbers in over 65 countries. When logging into ChitrChatr, the user is automatically logged into other accounts of the user in services like Yahoo, MSN, GTalk,  Facebook, etc. and from there the user will be able to communicate for free with all its contacts from all services within CUUCP.

With ChitrChatr CUCCP you’d get more than just an ordinary messaging app!

With just a single free desktop and mobile application ChitrChatr CUUCP has the ability to communicate across different and multiple IM services using flexible routing features to allow complete control over calls, IM, text/SMS, Fax and email; featuring cheap messaging and calling plans to PSTN and landlines.

Subscribers only pay for calls made to mobile and PSTN telephones. Several competitive affordable subscription plans will be available to subscribers. CUUCP’s ability to use platforms is not limited or restricted by structure, or geographic location. Our powerful platform is unleashed for all subscribers to use on all platforms to easily and freely communicate with their contacts and networks.




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